IPC Wall Switch
The wall-mounting switch controls each product through communication with the built-in wireless node (ZB Node) and can support both local and central controls.
  • Wall switch with dimming and schedule extension
  • Wireless Control with 10~100% dimming Range
  • On/Off control for each zone and group
  • Wireless sensor network control
  • Easy group and zone settings using a remote controller
  • IPC-6Z


* Tolerance : ± 10%
Item Description
Model Name IPC-6Z
Input Voltage AC 100~240 Vac
Power Consumption Max. 3.0W
   Communication Method    RS-485 / Wireless
Data Rate 115,200[bps], 8-N-1 / Wireless 250kbps
Dimension 7.1 x 12.0 x 3.8 (inch) / 180 x 326 x 95.3 (mm)
Weight 1.5kg / 3.3Ib
Operation Temp. -10º ~ +40ºC

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