External Remote Driver
  • Distance between luminaire and remote driver is up to 50m


* Tolerance : ± 10%
Model Rated Power Output Rated Current Input Rated Frequency Input Current (200~347 Vac) IP Rating  Weight 
RED1K2 1300W Max. 6.5A x 2EA

50 / 60 Hz
Max. 7.6A (@200Vac)
Max. 4.4A (@347Vac)

28.7 Ib
13.0 kg
RED1K0 1100W Max. 5.5A x 2EA Max. 7.6A (@200Vac)
Max. 4.4A (@347Vac)

22.0 Ib
10.0 kg
RED600 650W Max. 6.5A Max. 3.8A (@200Vac)
Max. 2.2A (@347Vac)