Can send uniform light distribution even at long distance
  • High luminous efficacy 135 lm/W
  • Tilting structure for optimized aiming (Upward : 10˚, Downward : 20˚)
  • Dimming control using wireless and wired communication
  • Outstanding cooling technology and durability


* Tolerance : ± 10%
Model Power *Luminous Efficacy *Luminous Flux Color Temperature CRI Weight Input Voltage Operation Temperature


135 lm/W

50,000 lm

5000K (4000K / 3000K available)

41.0 Ib
18.6 kg
200~277 Vac
347~480 Vac

-30°C ~ 50°C
27.6 Ib
12.5 kg
DC 100V


Body :  Cast Aluminum

Mounting Option : Swivel Bracket


Cover : Tempered Glass 4.0T (Clear)

Light Distribution : Asymmetric Wide


Finish : Powder Coating

Control System : Wired(RS-485, DMX-512), Wireless, NEMA-7


* The content may be subject to change without notice.

RED (Remote Driver)

           Model                      Power                           Input Voltage                              Output Voltage                                Input Current                               Output Rated Current                     Weight         
RED1K2 1300W
200~277 Vac
347~480 Vac
Typ. DC100V
Max.7.6 (@200Vac)
Max.4.4 (@347Vac)
Max. 6.5a x 2ea 28.7 Ib
13.3 kg

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